Training, Software Patch Development for Aadhaar based e-KYC services with required STQC Approved machines on OPEX model


PLUS91SS has developed ecosystem with STQC approved devices and training programs for unemployed youth to underwrite various State Government programs for unemployment youth especially from marginalized sections of the Society.

Currently the country is facing huge challenge on linking of Aadhaar Services with eKYC of over 137 DBT schemes and 2,400 plus services rolled out by over 75 ministries and various government departments.

PLUS91SS will bridge the gap with following strong support systems (1) help train unemployed youth of the state with key tie-ups with State Governments (2) dedicated supply of STQC compliant scanners available with supply agreement with a leading vendor (3) global leader at advisory services driving the compliances and risk mitigation (4) key technology partnership agreements to ensure all security risks are taken care at par with UIDAI level.

With the tie-ups with world’s best technology companies, manpower training, development and compliances as defined and driven by one of the best global advisory services company; Plus91SS would be one of the first to effectively drive this huge transformation as unleashed with the deployment of Aadhaar based e-KYC services.

By inculcate strong entrepreneurship spirit in the trained youth of the country; PLUS91SS will ensure that e-KYC driven DBT schemes as well as compliance required in the private sector are driven strongly to meet deadlines and targets.