1st Line of Defense: Perimeter and Gate

  • Electronic / mechanical Perimeter protection on the boundary wall
  • (DFMD) and HHMD for metal and explosive detection
  • Access Control Card to electronically check the identity of the visitor at the Entry / Exit gate
  • Video Surveillance
  • Boom Barrier at Entry / Exit for vehicles ( Based on Access Cards or RFID cards )
  • Flap barrier / turnstile for pedestrian entry ( Mechanical /Automated)
  • Basic Video Analytics
  • X-Ray scanner for scanning the baggage
  • High end Video Analysis ( e.g.. line control , ANPR, Crowd Density etc)
  • Under Vehicle scanner
  • Bollard / Tyre Crushers/Shredders
  • Embedded Sensors
  • RADAR based Solution
  • Marine parametric Solutions

2nd Line of Defense:

Inside the Premises

  • Common area CCTV system
  • Mustering solution
  • PA system
  • Guard tour / position planning
  • Parking management to control car parking
  • Advance Video analytics

3rd Line of Defense:

Rooms, Lobby, Fire Exits, Terrace etc

  • Electronic Visitor management system
  • CCTV camera in
  • Common area Access Control
  • Life safety & evacuation system
  • Wireless communication set for guards ( could be on IP handsets or traditional Radios)
  • Campus Management Solution on RFID
  • Directional sounder with voice for emergency evacuation
  • Digital evacuation planning display at each tenant office for remote messaging
  • Single card solution
  • Complete Home /Office Automation


  • Central monitoring / response station within building
  • 30 days of Video recording
  • Integration of fire system, Voice evacuation system with Access and Video for QRT
  • Remote viewing and control of Video and Access Control
  • Cyber security
  • Integration with IBMS
  • Redundant servers Integration of multiple buildings in a single remote central monitoring and control station