BECIL plus 91SS Dial – 100 Collaborative systems aids to support with cutting edge technologies to fulfill the goal of Police Department i.e to protect life, property and maintain Law and order.

The tool assists the department to achieve 8 primary objectives toward which police activities are directed in order to meet primary obligations:

  1. To prevent and control conduct widely recognized as threatening to life and property.
  2. To aid individuals who are in danger of physical harm.
  3. To protect constitutional guarantees.
  4. To facilitate the movement of people and vehicles.
  5. To assist those who cannot care for themselves.
  6. To resolve conflict.
  7. To identify problems that have the potential for becoming more serious.
  8. To create and maintain a feeling of security in the community.

BECIL plus 91SS Dial – 100 Collaborative systems having tool for plan, act and statics for improvement.