Key wins by Plus91SS in Government sector in Yr 2016~17:

  • Eastern Railways (14 stations) for Rs 25 crores
  • Rajasthan Safe City; Command & Control platform (7 cities) for Rs 40 crores
  • Consultancy for fiber laying for state of Rajasthan
  • Airport authority worth is Rs 110 cr.


These resulted in contracts worth more than Rs 175 crores in Yr 2016~17; beside various other orders ranging from 1 Crore to 20 Crores across various verticals.


Plus91SS supports these service across the length and breadth of the country with on-sight presence in 63 locations.



Some of the states today have complete Surface / Air entry controlled by Electronics Security provided by Plus91 Security Solutions. Example: West Bengal today has 14 Railway Stations and the 2 Airports protected with Video Surveillance and Biometric Access systems installed by Plus91SS.