WEBINSIGHT LITE enables the social listening through: Location / Keywords / hash tags and users in near real-time.


Advantages of Webinsight:  Social Media Monitoring


  • Who: The solution is for Multi-Agencies Service Providers in the fields of Policing, Law, Fire, Medical, Traffic & Safety.
  • Purpose: The need to monitor and respond quickly and efficiently to feeds on social media.
  • Provides: One platform to monitor and respond to various social networking channels and provide comprehensive reports and analysis.
  • Unlike: In traditional applications it uses Hadoop platform to deal with Big Data challenges like accessibility and processing of large data set.
  • Allows location-based Data Intelligence to understand what’s happening in the specific jurisdiction zone.
  • Enhances the situational awareness through social monitoring.
  • Helps authorities in disaster situations to reduce response time and assist responders.
  • Allow hyper-local social search to monitor events, assess crisis areas and coordinate with field team.
  • Monitor events, asses crisis areas and coordinate with field team by allowing hyper-local social search.
  • On- premises approach to maintain information privacy
  • Adoption of open source tools I recommended in order to ensure the system, compatibility with open standards and can achieve the interoperability requirements in future.